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The Black and the White Wolf

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One evening, an old Indian was sitting around the campfire with his son. It had grown dark. The trees around them cast eerie shadows and the fire crackled and crackled as the flames licked into the sky.

The Indian gazed thoughtfully into the flames.

“The flame light and the darkness, are like the two wolves, that dwell in our hearts.”

Questioningly, his son looked at him. After a time of silence, the Indian began to tell his son a story. to tell a story.

“One, - the black wolf is evil. He works with fear, anger, worry, guilt, lies, oppression, prejudice, jealousy, envy, greed, arrogance, hostility and hatred. He is vindictive, aggressive and cruel.

The other, - the White Wolf is good. He uses affection, trust, sincerity, openness, love, benevolence, kindness, understanding, compassion, friendship, peace, consideration, serenity, hope, generosity, gratitude, truth and joy. This wolf is loving, gentle and compassionate.

Within each of us lives a White Wolf and a Black Wolf. There is an everlasting struggle between the two wolves.”

The grandson looked thoughtfully into the flames of the blazing fire. He pondered his father’s words. After a while he asked: “Tell father, which of the wolves will win the fight?”

The Indian looked at him urgently and answered: “The wolf you feed most often wins!”