if you have Any Complains regarding Content I host:

Contact me via Mail and NOT instant messaging! Or Create an Issue at https://git.tinfoil-hat.net/tinfoil-hat/tinfoil-hat/issues

How to contact me

  1. preferred method: E-Mail - extra Points for GPG
  2. preferred fallback method: XMPP/Jabber (tinfoil-hat@xmpp.tinfoil-hat.net) extra Points for GPG
  3. preferred second fallback mehtod: IRC - with off-the-record (otr) via query

Other methods to contact me:

  • tox
  • Plain text IRC query (be aware, that wenn you query me, it may be stored three(!) times in plaintext if we both use irc-bouncer. Plus the times of each connected client)

For E-Mail Contact with GPG use

For contact via XMPP

For query via IRC see:

if you added and connected to the Network, join #uugrn and type:

For OTR:

/query tinfoil-hat
Hi I am ...
/otr init
<wait for verification...>
<write / recive encrypted message>